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Toll Free Shortcode

Toll-Free SMS which allows you to receive SMS from your customers and prospects without letting them incur any cost...As 90% of Nigerian mobile users are pre-paid customers and out of them 80% generally have less than NGN150.00 as an average balance in their pre-paid account which always discourages them to send any SMS to query or as a feedback on a premium SMS Short Code which generally charges NGN30.00, NGN50.00, and NGN100.00 per SMS.

Many surveys has showed that customers are more interested in communicating on a toll-free channel rather than on a toll channel like a premium or non-premium (regular billing plan) short codes.

Our proposed solution will feature:


  • SMPP or HTTP connection to Application Server; HTTP API will be provided for receive/send SMS integration
  • Short range number for aggregation to ensure network versatility and acceptance
  • Number aggregation to ensure coverage over all GSM networks – MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel
  • Toll-free/ reverse billing for all messages sent from the general public regardless of GSM network terminator.
  • Acknowledgement response/Delivery Report procedure will be stated in the API. 



Cost Implications:

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